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URL filtering: Companies can configure the solution to block or restrict access to certain Web sites (via a categorised database) and can therefore limit access to high bandwidth sites such as those offering downloadable MP3 files, chat, games and instant messaging as well as bandwidth intensive services such as streaming media.
Onsite appliance incorporating hardware and software: The solution includes server and software and requires 3U of rack space. These are installed and configured on the client’s network.

Firewall: A high performance best of breed firewall offering a DMZ interface is incorporated, powered by Fortinet.
User authentication: The user-authentication feature validates Web users against defined permissions and can be used to properly authorise Web-browsing internally via user names and passwords. Firewall Plus can integrate with a Microsoft domain controller; however it is designed to transparently authentication to a single domain. LDAP authentication is available for multiple domains, but provides an authentication pop-up.

Caching and proxying: A proxy/cache engine built into Firewall Plus allows for retrieval of frequently visited Web pages from the cache which manages each browsing request and ‘fetches’ each Web page on behalf of the user. The cache improves Web browsing speeds and saves Internet bandwidth and the proxy affords tighter security and administrative control.
Anti Virus: All HTTP and FTP traffic is scanned for viruses. If the firewall is configured as a gateway firewall, IMAP POP3 and SMTP will also be scanned for viruses.

Bandwidth management: The Firewall Plus offers elementary bandwidth management via protocol level. Protocols can be set as a percentage of bandwidth from the total line size.
Reporting services: Firewall Plus will provide administrators with valuable information on security, anti-virus, employee Web usage and general internet usage and trends.

Integrated support and response: The service incorporates 24X7 availability monitoring of the service and unlimited 24x7 support.

Mitsol Expands Microwave Wireless Footprint into Hammersdale, PMB and The Natal Midlands

Mitsol Assists African Bank with iLmebe School Connectivity Project

Mitsol Launches Wireless Broadband Internet services into Ballito.

Mitsol Now Supplying Customers via eThekwini's MetroConnect.

Mitsol receives its individual ECS and individual ECNS licenses.

Mitsol Provides Online Radio Streaming Services to AdSat, for "Radio Pick n Pay" and others.

Mitsol Secures Mitel IPT Call-Center solution for Bandit Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management.


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