Hello Bluff,

Welcome to the FIFTH and FINAL edition of the Mitsol Fibre To The Home Bluff Scoop, keeping you in the fibre loop.

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Mitsol Fibre Build Progress Report

All Mitsol Builds within Grosvenor and Fynnlands are complete and live.

Bluff Fibre Build Complete

We are happy to report that we have now completed the fibre build within the Bluff area. We would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL the residents for your patience and support over the past months. We hope that by bringing our fibre services to your neighbourhood that we have enriched both yours and your community’s’ lives and added value to your area.

Community CCTV Surveillance

Faced with these uncertain times and plagued with the ongoing security concerns within our suburbs, we believe that every effort should be made to increase security measures within our neighbourhoods. To support your community’s security initiatives, Mitsol have made the decision to assist where we can by providing all communities, where we have rolled out fibre, with free fibre Internet connectivity to an unlimited number of strategic surveillance camera points or guarding stations within your suburb. We will be engaging with the relevant CPFs (Community Police Forums) to get the ball rolling. If you are able to provide further information, in this regard, or have any questions or suggestions, please make contact with Bruce at bwilliams@mitsol.net.

Faults - First Line Checks

If you are experiencing connectivity issues, please ensure you contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) directly, who will conduct a first line check for any faults.

If these first line checks are not carried out correctly and Mitsol is called out to investigate the fault, the ISP will be charged a call out fee, which they may pass on to you, the customer.

Troubleshooting prior to contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Is there power to your device? Are there any green lights showing up on the device? Yes – Contact your ISP for them to conduct first line checks. No – Check that the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) power button, located on the bottom of the unit, is pressed in and check that the power cable is securely plugged into the ONT and wall outlet. Please also check that the wall outlet is working by testing another device, such as your router or a phone charger. If the wall outlet has power then the power supply to the white Huawei ONT has been damaged by an electrical surge, and needs replacing. You can contact your ISP to inform them of this.

Characteristics of a good, functional ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is as follows:
Power – Solid Green
LAN – Solid Green or Flashing Green
PON – Solid Green


Still Not Signed Up For Mitsol Fibre?


TRY OUR FIBRE FOR FREE!! If you are still in contract or unsure about fibre internet….Mitsol is offering a 3 month proof of concept for free, with no commitment. If you are happy with the service you can sign up when you are ready, or you can turn it off after the 3 month trial. This is a great way to kick the tyres. To find out more about this offer, or to sign up, contact us 0861 477 477 or sales@mitsol.net.

Have Any Questions?

Our Fibre To The Home FAQ document will answer any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding the installation of fibre to your property.