1. Click on the package that you like.
  2. Click on & complete the details requested.
  3. This will send a request through to the chosen ISP who will then make contact with you to process your order.
  4. Your ISP will then place the order with MITSOL.
  5. When the fibre network becomes available, the fibre installer will make contact with you to do a site survey to agree on a route for the fibre into your home. They will then do:
    • Site Survey.
    • Trenching/Civil work.
    • Float Fibre
    • Splice the fibre and test.
  6. MITSOL will then do the following.
    • Prep ONT device.
    • Make appointment to install ONT
    • Advise ISP customer is ready for activation.
    • Your ISP will now be ready to install your router and make your service live.
  7. Your ISP will then install your modem & turn your services on.
  8. In existing areas with Fibre available and operating in area LinkAfrica have defined 4 Weeks from order. In new areas this is dependent on Outside Plant (OSP) Build, this can be from 1 month to 4 months depending on the OSP installation.

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