Wikipedia says ( ‘An open-access network (OAN) refers to a horizontally layered network architecture in telecommunications, and the business model that separates the physical access to the network from the delivery of services. In an OAN, the owner or manager of the network does not supply services for the network; these services must be supplied by separate retail service providers. There are two different open-access network models: the two- and three-layer models.

“Open Access” refers to a specialised and focused business model, in which a network infrastructure provider limits its activities to a fixed set of value layers in order to avoid conflicts of interest. The network infrastructure provider creates an open market and a platform for internet service providers (ISPs) to add value.

The Open Access provider remains neutral and independent and offers standard and transparent pricing to ISPs on its network. It never competes with the ISPs.’

The MITSOL OAN is a 3-layer model:

  1. Layer-1 the fibre provider, LinkAfrica
  2. Layer-2 the network infrastructure provider (light the fibre), MITSOL
  3. Layer-3 ISP’s

Basically this is a network that will allow you, the user, choice in which ISP you would like to use as long as that ISP is signed up onto the MITSOL Open Access Network. Currently there are 13 ISP’s & more still to come.

See the graphic below for for a visual representation of a fibre network:

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