Hello Pinetown & New Germany,

Welcome to the THIRD edition of the Mitsol Fibre To The Home Pinetown & New Germany Scoop, keeping you in the fibre loop. This newsletter will keep you up to date with the status of all Mitsol fibre builds with in Pinetown & New Germany and provide you with some important facts about fibre.

If you missed our previous newsletter, Edition TWO, not to worry, FTTH Pinetown & New Germany Scoop Editin Two.

Mitsol Fibre Build Progress Report

Pinetown Manors – Civil work is 100% completed, Fibre work is 95% completed.
This suburb will be live by Friday 27th August, please get your orders in.

New Germany The Wolds – Civil work is 30% completed, Fibre work is 0% completed.
We estimate the site going live within the 1-2nd week of September.

New Germany Berkshire – Civil work is 0% completed, Fibre work is 0% completed.
We are scheduled to start this build on Wednesday 1st September and estimate the site going live within the 1-2nd week of October.

New Germany Padfield – Civil work is 0% completed, Fibre work is 0% completed.

Having encountered several delays with the commencement of these builds, we anticipate having the entire area completed, including reinstatements, verge clean-ups etc. by no later than the end of October. This is due to the fact that we have also undertaken to rectify the outstanding issues left by the previous Fibre Network Operator’s contractor who has since pulled out of the area.

How Is Fibre Installed On My Premises?

The installation of the fibre involves running a fibre cable from the manhole outside your property, or distribution box within a multi-dwelling unit (MDU), through your property to the inside of your home and connecting it to the internal device called an ONT (Optical Network Terminal).

The drawings below indicate the basic planning for bringing fibre into your apartment or house (fig.1) and your building (fig.2)

For further information regarding your fibre installation, from start to finish, please refer to our FAQ document.

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Have Any Questions?

Our Fibre To The Home FAQ document will answer any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding the installation of fibre to your property.