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Happy New Year – 2021

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Welcome to the sixth edition of the Mitsol Fibre South Coast Scoop, keeping you in the fibre loop. This newsletter will keep you up to date with the status of all Mitsol fibre builds in Amanzimtoti and provide you with some important facts about fibre.

If you missed the previous newsletter, Edition Four, not to worry, here is a link Edition Five

Mitsol Fibre Build Progress Report

Athlone Park – 100% complete.

Doonside Beach Road – 100% complete.

Kingsborough Beach Road – 100% complete.

Warner Beach – 100% complete.

Amanzimtoti North of Seadoone Road Up to Manzimtoti River – 100% complete.* Amanzimtoti North of the Manzimtoti River – 100% complete.

Doonside, Doonheights, Shulton Park – Civil work commenced on 11th January and we anticipate having this area live by middle to the end of March. We are taking pre-orders and will start to book home drops.

Inyoni Crescent – Civil work commencing on the 18th January and we anticipate having this area live by middle to the end of March. We are taking pre-orders and will start to book home drops.

Illovo Glen, Astra Park, St Winifreds, Winklespruit – Builds have not yet commenced, as we have been waiting for the other contractors to complete their work before we move in.

* Note, please ensure that you get your orders submitted for the above areas ASAP, as home fibre installations are currently taking anywhere from 1-2 weeks to complete, and this is due to the influx of orders being fulfilled. If you have placed an order with your ISP and have not yet received any follow-up emails from Mitsol, please let us know.

COVID-19 Regulations

With the second wave of COVID-19 upon us, Mitsol, an essential service provider, will continue to do home installations. We’d like to assure all our customers that our contractors and home installations teams will, at all times, adhere to the precautionary measures outlined by our Government.

Comparing Apples with Apples

As you are aware, you have a choice of two FNO’s (Fibre Network Operators), Mitsol and Frogfoot. We thought we would assist you with a quick price comparison of the packages for ISPs that offer services over both Mitsol and Frogfoot’s Fibre Network. We were pleased to find that pricing over the Mitsol network has remained super competitive. This strengthens our pledge to customers to ALWAYS! offer Fast Fibre at Fantastic Prices!

What Is The Difference Between WiFi And Internet?

Internet is a service provided to you by your Internet service provider (ISP), which is delivered to your property via a fixed-line fibre connection, and this is connected into an ISP supplied router installed in your home. This router may be Wi-Fi enabled which will allow any internal Wi-Fi enabled device to access the internet.

Wi-Fi enables you to connect one device to another, wirelessly (without cables). The Wi-Fi signal in your home is distributed to your devices via a router, which enables your devices to connect to the internet via your internal Wi-Fi network, however, this signal does not necessarily extend throughout your property. A technical expert from your ISP can suggest solutions to ensure that your Wi-Fi signal covers maximum area within your property, but this may require additional Wi-Fi range extenders.

For more reliable connections such as TVs, Desktops servers etc. we suggest cabling these devices using a LAN cable into the same router.

Fibre to the home illustration

Cool Tech Tip

To view Cool Ideas fibre packages over Mitsol Fibre please Click Here

Have Any Questions?

Our Fibre To The Home FAQ document will answer any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding the installation of fibre to your property.