Powered by Mitsol, ResiNet and BusiNet are our very own in-house ISPs. Whether you are looking for fast, reliable broadband internet services for your residence or business, we have you covered for both.

Operating in KZN, and backed by 24 years of experience in the industry, ResiNet offers fast fibre internet services to home users over three FNO’S (Fibre Network Operator) network, being Mitsol, Vumatel and OpenServe

On the business side, BusiNet offers fast, affordable business fibre services over three FNO’s network, being Mitsol, Dark Fibre Africa and LinkAfrica.

Navigate through the website with ease, check coverage, choose your internet package, place your order, and let us do the rest. 

Need assistance, no problem, send us a message via the “GET IN TOUCH” tab, and our sales or support team will be in touch.

www.resinet.co.za or www.businet.co.za