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On the 1st February 2011, Mitsol flicked the switch and turned on its newly rolled out Motorola Canopy Microwave Wireless network, ResiNet.

Developed from years of wireless experience and leveraging off the highly successful technology from Motorola Canopy’s Point-to-Multipoint solution, ResiNet is a very reliable, cost-effect alternate to other ISP offerings.

Broadband Wireless Internet access from ResiNet is an affordable and scalable alternative to other ISPs and is suitable for residential or small business use. ResiNet offers Internet Access speeds from 384Kbps up to 4096Kbps and can be installed within a couple days versus the traditional 4-6 weeks lead time for service installations.

Ethernet Service
Our Internet access is delivered via an Ethernet connection, making it simple for you to connect directly to your LAN.

Fast Install & Upgrade
Installation of your services in a matter of days – or upgrade your bandwidth in a matter of hours.

Our wireless hardware utilizes 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to protect your data.

Our Competitive Advantage
Motorola Canopy products have many advantages over wi-fi and other traditional WLAN protocols:

  • Transmission timing is explicitly controlled, so that all APs on all towers can be synchronized by GPS to prevent interference. APs of the same band can be placed right next to each other, and back-to-back units can use exactly the same frequency.
  • Designed for WISP use; polling-based (prevents one SM from “hogging” bandwidth), excellent interference rejection and easy management.
  • Simple to install and configure and highly reliable.
  • Both near and non Line-Of-Site
  • Capable of delivering up to 21Mbps

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