Afrihost Home 50Mbps Uncapped


Per Month

Month to Month
No Connect Fee



PackageHome 50Mbps Uncapped
Line Speed5oMbps
Data BundleUncapped
Contract OptionsMonth to Month
Connection FeeFREE
Installation FeeR1,710
IncludesA brief outline on the differences between our Home, Premium and Priority packages

    1. Home Uncapped Packages have a threshold (based on a 30 day rolling window) after which speeds could be subject to shaping and throttling based on network demand. Premium and Priority Uncapped Packages may also be subject to shaping when demand on the network is high. Our aim is to apply as little (or no) shaping or throttling to our Uncapped accounts, where network resources allow. In the case of increases in demand, throttling and shaping will be applied to Home Uncapped accounts first, then shaping to Premium Uncapped accounts. Shaping will only be applied to Priority Uncapped accounts in cases of extreme network congestion.
    2. Home Uncapped Packages are subject to throttling only when a user has reached their monthly threshold. Throttling is only applied during peak demand periods, when required, to manage overall network demand. Users who have exceeded their threshold will experience unthrottled speeds during off-peak hours. Premium Uncapped Packages are not subject to throttling or monthly thresholds, and will enjoy full speed real-time services under all normal circumstances, but may be subject to shaping of downloads only if the network is under strain. Priority Uncapped Packages are not generally shaped, but can be subject to shaping, should the network experience high levels of demand.
    3. Home, Premium and Priority Uncapped users will be able to access significant amounts of data, regardless of whether shaping or throttling is applied, thus ensuring satisfactory user experience.
    4. Monthly Thresholds:
  • 5 Mbps: 80GB
  • 10 Mbps: 120GB
  • 20 Mbps: 200GB
  • 50 Mbps: 250GB
  • 100 Mbps: 300GB

Terms and Conditions Apply

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Data Package


Line Speed

50 Mbps

Estate / Precinct

Brettenwood Estate, Hawaan Forest Estate, Lower Umhlanga UIP-Zone 4, Lower Umhlanga UIP-Zone 3, Lower Umhlanga UIP-Zone 5, Victoria Country Club Estate



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