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Welcome to the very first edition of ResiNetNews, the monthly online newsletter for ResiNET subscribers.

The ResiNetNews offers a discussion forum for web-related topics that are pertinent to small businesses and families using the internet, including data security and protection against unsolicited information such as pornography.  This month, there is FREE internet safety software on offer! And a chance to win one of 20 Dell 17” LCD monitors. Our Technical Tip section contains practical easy-to-apply advice on how to make your internet experience faster, safer and more secure. Readers can email technical questions that will be included in the following edition.

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Introducing . . . the ResiNet family

Mitsol-Resinet Family

rom left to right: Selvyn Meier, Warren Bricknell, Nellie Madwe, Andrew Boyd, Simphiwe Masinga, Carlos Musonza and Maurice de Marigny.






ResiNET is the most recent addition to the product portfolio of Mitsol, which has been providing internet access solutions to homes and businesses for the past 13 years. Our highly-skilled and experienced team can advise you on the most cost-effective high-speed solutions – such as wifi and wireless telephone technology – tailored to fit your budget and your technical requirements.



ResiNET is part of holding company, Mitsol. Mitsol offers a variety of internet-related products and services. For more information, please visit


FACT: ResiNET installations of internet access to your home or business are super speedy. Our track record shows an average ResiNET installation is done within five working days. Our customers have expressed delight, opting for this service instead of the four to six week wait offered elsewhere in the market.

Protect your family from cyber dangers – for free with ResiNet!

So says ResiNet director Andrew Boyd.  He believes that, as parents, we have a major responsibility to protect our children from these dangers, and is offering ResiNET customers free access to security software for each new 24 month contract that is signed.


NetNanny (1)

Andrew continues, ‘For example, did you know the following?

• Most kids are first exposed to porn at less than 11 years of age?
• An unsolicited image is the beginning of a long battle with porn addiction?
• One in five children ages 10-17 have been approached for sex online?
• 57% of kids have accidentally accessed inappropriate material online?
• 75% of these young people do not tell their parents about these incidents?
• The porn industry is now the seventh largest industry in the U.S.?’ *


Andrew explains, ‘The negative effects of unsolicited cyber communication can be catastrophic for a child. Cyberbullying – when kids use the Internet to harass, intimidate, embarrass, or demean others – can cause untold harm. Victims can suffer from low self-esteem, fall behind in school work, or become anxious, depressed, and even suicidal.

‘Kids who might never be mean in the real world sometimes bully online because of the feeling of anonymity that the Internet gives them. But even if they can’t see the people they are hurting, cyberbullies do real damage. **

‘We strongly advise every parent to take steps to prevent these opportunities from arising. In fact, we feel so passionate about this, we are offering each of our ResiNET customers a free one year subscription to NetNanny. This service is invaluable, and gives parents peace of mind, knowing their family is safe from internet hazards.’

‘To activate your NetNanny subscription, please send an email to Please include your daytime phone number and a technician will contact you to arrange activation.




ResiNet offers internet access with a range of different speeds to suite your business or home needs and your budget. You can choose speeds from 384kbps up to 4096kbps. Make sure you have chosen the right package for your requirements. Drop us a line if you are uncertain and we can talk you through what is the best fit for your needs.




Here’s a good deal for ResiNET subscribers – if you introduce a new user to the network, when they sign up you will receive one of 20 brand new Dell 17” LCD monitors . . . for FREE! In fact, for each new user that you introduce, who signs up, you qualify for another LCD. Promo runs while stocks last…*

*Terms and conditions apply – The promotion does not apply to any reseller, referral partner or Mitsol Employee.

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