Spam, or unsolicited bulk email, is the posting of emails to large volumes of addresses advertising a service or product which the recipient seldom wants.

Unlike conventional junk mail where the sender pays the cost of postage, recipients of spam pay the transmission costs, either in the form of Internet access fees and/or telephone call charges.

Spam is one of the most significant threats to the Internet, accounting for around 60% of all email traffic. Spam costs consumers and ISPs lots of money in bandwidth charges.

Despite the growing number of technological means for combating spam, the spammers somehow manage to stay one step ahead and the deluge shows little sign of abating.

Anti Spam Solution

The Anti Spam solution allows you to provision a ‘best of breed’ Anti Spam solution, eliminating the influx of Spam prior to traversing your Internet line whether ADSL or leased line.

The Anti Spam solution provides high accuracy and lowest levels of false positives based on Internet Solution’s renowned anti spam technology. The Anti Spam environment resides within Internet Solutions secure and redundant hosting facilities.

Anti Spam Features

  • Block or Tag all Spam destined for your network
  • Anti Spam reports upon request
  • Increased productivity and user experience
  • High levels of infrastructure redundancy
  • Backup of Anti Spam configuration and data logs

Anti Spam Benefits

  • Fully Outsourced Solution – the Anti Spam solution is a fully managed, hosted, and supported solution which eliminates the time, skills and expense a company faces when setting up and maintaining its onsite installation.
  • Increased Productivity – by eliminating most spam before it hits network to increase both administrator and user productivity
  • Anti Spam Reporting and Monitoring – The advanced reporting structure provides high levels of transparency into the Anti Spam solution, enabling statistical reporting on efficiency levels.

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