A domain name is really just your address on the Internet. It’s where people can find you, and it serves as your online identity.

Businesses typically register domain names with their company name and sometimes also register their product names. Individuals often register family names or names that have a personal interest to them. Domain names have two parts: the label and the extension, or top-level domain, separated by a ‘dot.’ In mitsol.net, ‘mitsol’ is the label and ‘net’ is the top-level domain.

There are over 20 domain name extensions to choose from. Popular domain name extensions such as .COM, CO.ZA and .NET are typically used by for-profit companies, while .ORG is often used to denote a non-profit organization. Other generic extensions such as .INFO and .BIZ have more recently become available as well.

You can also register domain names that are specific to a certain country. For example, the extensions .US, .UK, and .DE correspond to the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, respectively.

What are the Benefits of a Domain Name?

There are several options. If you’re not quite ready to start building a Web site, you can just register and hold the domain name to ensure that you can use it in the future. Network Solutions will automatically provide you with a placeholder page telling visitors that the site is ‘under construction.’

Or maybe you’re not ready for a full-blown Web site but would like to have one or more e-mail addresses linked to your domain name.

Once you’re ready to put your business online or establish a personal Web presence, you can build a Web site (or have one built for you) and publish it for the world to see.

Whatever your situation, if there’s a particular domain name that you want, it’s good to register it quickly. There’s no guarantee that a domain name available today will be available tomorrow.

Advantages of your own Domain Name

  • Easier for people to find (mybusiness.co.za is easier to remember than some-isp.co.za)
  • Gives a more professional image
  • You can keep the name for years to come
  • You can move the name to another ISP if you no longer want us to host it for you (we do not charge for taking your name elsewhere)
  • Easier to get your site registered with search engines
  • Better position in some search engine listings

Disadvantages of Free ISP’s Domain

  • eMail address will change every time you change ISP
  • Web address will change every time you change ISP
  • Web site may be deleted automatically if you forget to connect to the ISP at least once every 90 days!
  • Some search engines will not list your site at all
  • The terms and conditions may specify that the site is for personal use only and you could have your site removed as it relates to an organisation rather than a person.

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