Microwave communication is the transmission of signals via radio using a series of microwave towers.

Microwave communication is known as a form of “line of sight” communication, because there must be nothing obstructing the transmission of data between these towers for signals to be properly sent and received. Mitsol does however make use of “near line of sight” (nLos) and “non line of sight” (NLOS) equipment.

The technology used for microwave communication was developed in the early 1940′s by Western Union. The first microwave message was sent in 1945 from towers located in New York and Philadelphia.

Following this successful attempt, microwave communication became the most commonly used data transmission method for telecommunications service providers.

Point to Point Backhaul

Mitsol offers carrier grade service and reliability in some of the toughest environments. Our infrastructure operates in 6 – 38 GHz licensed and 5Ghz unlicensed spectrum and is determined by the environment, distance and capacity required. Our backhaul infrastructure enables us to rapidly extend past the network edge to offer new subscribers secure broadband connectivity for video, VoIP and data connectivity.

Point to Multipoint Access

As a DSL replacement the Mitsol Resinet broadband offering is fast and cost effective. The technology used is a industry leader in providing reliable networks that scale from small deployments to region wide deployments with tens of thousands of subscribers. The technology has been proven around the world to be interference tolerant and provide consistent low latency for sensitive video and voice applications, making the technology ideal for last mile connectivity.

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