Fibre Broadband Internet


R599 p/m

Resinet Residential Broadband Fibre

Fibre Broadband Internet


R599 p/m


ResiNet Fibre offers Internet access speeds from 10Mbps up to 200Mbps. Max speed is dependent on infrastructure availability. Package pricing dependent on underlying fibre operator.


ResiNet Fibre is the new super-fast broadband service from Mitsol.

Resinet Fibre is a Broadband Internet solution for your home, replacing the traditional Telkom fixed line copper ADSL services with a fibre optic medium, no Telkom copper landline is required.  Offering speeds from 4Mbps to 100Mbps and 1Gbps is now in planning, the medium is limitless. All ISPs supply broadband services with a contention ratio, some networks may oversubscribe their services more than others. Mitsol’s ResiNet prides itself in the fact that we run a very low and in some instances no contention across the network. Installation times can take anything from 4-24 weeks, depending on the area and availability of fibre in the ground.

To ensure the network meets the ever increasing demand for reliable high-speed Internet and Voice services, Mitsol together with Cisco and Huawei’s best-of-breed technology, have deployed a next generation network, capable of meeting the ever growing demands for information.


The service can be managed and controlled by you and depending on your connectivity needs, your ResiNet service can be upgraded to faster speeds or downgraded by a click of a button.


Fibre is also more durable than copper and will last longer. The raw materials to make fibre is plentiful (since fibre is glass it is made from sand!) whereas copper supplies are dwindling. Say goodbye to copper mining.


All ISPs supply broadband services with a contention ratio, some networks may oversubscribe their services more than others. ResiNet prides itself in the fact that we run a very low and in some instances no contention across the network.


Speeds up to 1Gbps now available across fibre and able to deliver faster speeds as the technology evolves.


An ONT device will be supplied to light up the fibre, this will the patched into your premises via a standard Ethernet data cable connection, making it simple for your to connect your computer to the internet or plug into your existing LAN switch or Wifi AP.


Fibre won’t lose the signal the way copper does. And because light signals don’t interfere with other fibres in the same cable, you get clearer conversations. Fibre optic cables are safe from lightning strikes or electrical interference.


ResiNet Fibre is growing

Search the map below to see if ResiNet fibre is available at your location. ResiNet Fibre Zones are marked in purple.


Competitive Advantage

  • Self Service Portal: you can manage your service via the online self-service portal, with options such as, Buy data bundles / Log service calls / Upgrade/ Downgrade services / View billing details / View or download usage reports.

  • We will manage and assist with the conversion of your current PBX to make it suitable for VoIP (Voice over the Internet). We are even able to offer a complete cloud-based telephony solution, this means you only require phones at your premises, all other equipment sits in the cloud and is no longer your responsibility and headache.

  • When you switch to ResiNet, you get to keep your current Telkom number, we are able to port your Telkom number/s, meaning you can keep your advertised Telkom number wherever you are.

  • Our voice rates are very competitive, pure per second billing and guaranteed to save you up to 30% on your current Telkom bill.

  • We partner with other Top Tech companies that can assist you with all your other IT needs

Added Value

  • Our network availability outperforms most other rival ISPs.

  • Our pricing is very competitive. Also, there is no longer any need to have any Telkom lines in order to use the ResiNet internet service, which translates into more savings for you.

  • Service is mostly synchronous, which means the speeds are the same in both directions, upload and download. This is especially advantageous to your business if you are using cloud-based services and pushing as much content up to the internet as you do pull down. A synchronous service is dependent on distance from the base station.

    Access to all major undersea cables.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some questions & answers that we think that you may have with regards ordering your FTTH (fibre to the home) to your home. Simply click on the question and the answer will pop out. If you still have any queries, please feel free to contact us & our FTTH team will endeavour to answer them ( or 0861 477477)

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