Wireless Broadband Internet


R572 p/m

Resinet Broadband Wireless Copy

Wireless Broadband Internet


R49.99 per GB


ResiNet is an affordable and scalable alternative to other ISPs.

ResiNet is an alternate to other ISP offerings, replacing the traditional Telkom fixed line ADSL services with a microwave wireless solution, no landline is required.High speed internet access from ResiNet is suitable for both residential and small businesses. Offering speeds from 1Mbps up to 4Mbps wireless and 6Mbps up to 20Mbps fiber ResiNet can be installed within a couple days versus the traditional 4-6 weeks from other ISPs. Max speed is dependent on infrastructure availability.

To ensure the network meets the ever increasing demand for reliable highspeed Internet and Voice services, Mitsol together with Cambium’s best-of-breed technology, have deployed a next generation network, capable of meeting these ever growing demands for information. ResiNet, Mitsol’s Broadband Internet offering, has been rolled out using the Cambium Point to Multipoint microwave solution, bringing the total nodes deployed to just over 3,500,000 in 150 countries.


The service can be managed and controlled by you and depending on your connectivity needs, your ResiNet service can be upgraded to faster speeds or downgraded by a click of a button.


The service is quick to deploy, services are installed and operational within five working days from your application being processed.


All ISPs supply broadband services with a contention ratio, some networks may oversubscribe their services more than others. ResiNet prides itself in the fact that we run a very low and in some instances no contention across the network.


Our service is cabled into your office/home via a standard ethernet cabled connection, making it simple for you to connect your laptop/desktop to the internet or plug into your existing LAN switch or wifi AP. Our radio equipment can also take care of all the configurations required to connect to the Internet.


Mitsol, the backbone of the ResiNet service, is an independent ISP and has Internet capacity across multiple upstream Telcos and ISPs. This multi-homing strategy ensures no single point of failures and ensures the best path possible for your internet traffic.


Both near and non Line-Of-Site.


ResiNet offers Internet access speeds from 1Mbps up to 4Mbps wireless and 6Mbps up to 20Mbps fiber ResiNet can be installed within a couple days versus the traditional 4-6 weeks from other ISPs. Max speed is dependent on infrastructure availability.


*Subject to a R3500 setup cost OR take a 24-month contact, zero setup

Lite: shaped | Extreme: unshaped
(25% of speed)
(p/m VAT incl.)
1mbps ResiNet LITE 1mbps 20GB R499
ResiNet EXTREME 1mbps 30GB R549
2mbps ResiNet LITE 2mbps 40GB R599
ResiNet EXTREME 2mbps 60GB R699
4mbps ResiNet LITE 4mbps 120GB R899
ResiNet EXTREME 4mbps 200GB R1199
6mbps ResiNet LITE 6mbps 160GB R1249
ResiNet EXTREME 6mbps 300GB R1999
10mbps ResiNet LITE 10mbps 250GB R1599
ResiNet EXTREME 10mbps 450GB R2399
20mbps ResiNet LITE 20mbps 370GB R2500
ResiNet EXTREME 20mbps 970GB R4899
Single Static IP Address R59

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Competitive Advantage

  • Self Service Portal: you can manage your service via the online self-service portal, with options such as, Buy data bundles / Log service calls / Upgrade/ Downgrade services / View billing details / View or download usage reports.

  • We will manage and assist with the conversion of your current PBX to make it suitable for VoIP (Voice over the Internet). We are even able to offer a complete cloud-based telephony solution, this means you only require phones at your premises, all other equipment sits in the cloud and is no longer your responsibility and headache.

  • When you switch to ResiNet, you get to keep your current Telkom number, we are able to port your Telkom number/s, meaning you can keep your advertised Telkom number wherever you are.

  • Our voice rates are very competitive, pure per second billing and guaranteed to save you up to 30% on your current Telkom bill.

  • We partner with other Top Tech companies that can assist you with all your other IT needs

Added Value

  • We are not reliant on “in-the-ground” cables and therefore not susceptible to service disruptions due to theft, construction works, etc.

  • Our network availability outperforms most other rival ISPs.

  • Our pricing is very competitive. Also, there is no longer any need to have any Telkom lines in order to use the ResiNet internet service, which translates into more savings for you.

  • Service is mostly synchronous, which means the speeds are the same in both directions, upload and download. This is especially advantageous to your business if you are using cloud-based services and pushing as much content up to the internet as you do pull down. A synchronous service is dependent on distance from the base station.

  • Installation is completed within five working days from signing.

  • Developed from years of microwave wireless experience and leveraging off the highly successful technology from ex Motorola now Cambium’s Canopy Point-to-Multipoint solution

  • Access to all major undersea cables.

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