The Outsourced Firewall allows a Mitsol Access client to provision a ‘best of breed’ firewall within the Mitsol Data Centre.

The Outsourced Firewall allows a Mitsol Access client to provision a ‘best of breed’ firewall within the Mitsol Data Centre. The Outsourced Firewall provides the highest level of perimeter protection to the clients’ internal network from the Internet.

Whether it is the gateway firewall or an additional layer to an onsite firewall, the Outsourced Firewall provides high levels of security based on Fortinets award winning Fortigate Firewall Appliance.

The Outsourced Firewall environment resides within the Mitsol secure, managed hosting facilities, and is built with high levels of infrastructure redundancy to provide a robust offsite perimeter protection solution.


  • Award Winning Forigate Firewall Appliance
  • Authenication integration with Domain Controller
  • High levels of infrustructure redundancy
  • Backup of firewall configuration and data logs
  • 24×7 support and proactive management


Fully outsourced solution: the Outsourced Firewall is a fully managed, hosted, and supported solution which eliminates the time, skills and expense a company faces when setting up and maintaining its own firewall onsite. Furthermore, by eliminating unwanted internet traffic at an ISP level, valuable internet bandwidth can be optimized.

User permissions: The authentication integration of the Outsourced Firewall with a clients internal or onsite domain controller, allows IT administrators to authenticate users based on their local Active Directory Database and apply firewall policies to different user groups within the organisation. This authentication functionality will be transparent to the end user and is controlled and managed the client domain controller. For customers who do not use a local domain or LDAP server, a static username and password is configurable.

Detailed firewall reporting and monitoring: The advanced reporting structure provides high levels of transparency into the internet line utilization and the individuals responsible for the utilization of specific internet protocols (eg – Web sites browsed and HTTP bandwidth used per user or for the organization as a whole). All report logs are stored for 60 days and reports can be run in real time or scheduled to be delivered in .pdf format via mail.

Economies of scale: The Outsourced Firewall environment is built to very high levels of infrastructure redundancy, this type of high availability environment is extremely expensive for a single client to deploy, involving multiple devices and technologies. However, by leveraging off Mitsol, this type of robust, high service level and integrity infrastructure deployment can be brought down to affordable levels.

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