As a small business owner, partner or manager, your contributions have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line; the business “is” because of you.

Through hard work and passion, you have built your business from the ground up, and are determined to see it continue to succeed. It’s time to grow. Attracting and retaining customers while maintaining a steady cash flow is critical.

You’re a small organization, yet you need to appear bigger to attract much larger and more lucrative business contracts. Can you take your business to the next level without overextending? How will you ensure that the investments made now will serve your business for many years? It’s questions like these that make you realize you need help.

Wondering if your current IT investment can help you as your business evolves? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Mitel has created a suite of communications solutions made specifically for small business.

  • Handle incoming calls as professionally as larger organizations at a low cost – while sustaining individual client relationships as only a small business can
  • Preserve cash flow by utilizing a single solution for your communications needs. Save on long distance, PSTN and cellular network charges, and focus returns on business needs
  • Remove barriers that block cash flow – resolve customer issues by reaching key colleagues easily and process orders more quickly without increasing payroll
  • Attract and retain customers by extending personal touch opportunities – one number that follows key personnel wherever they go – wherever they are located
  • Extend working hours through teleworking to ensure customers can always reach help, without needing to pay to keep the office open

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