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ResiNet-NewsFlashWhat’s New?

At the top of the list and probably the most important change for you, is that we have reduced our pricing across all packages. This is especially noticeable on the Extreme packages. Along with this price reduction, we have also introduced some faster 6, 10 and 20Mbps packages, specifically aimed at FTTH/B (Fiber To The Home/Business). The 6Mbps and higher speed services will be delivered across our ResiNet microwave wireless network but will require a feasibility check prior to commitment. If not feasible across our existing ResiNet infrastructure, we may still be able to deliver a dedicated BusiNet alternative. Either via wireless or Fiber.

What’s changed?

We have also done away with the term “Uncapped” and replaced this with “Soft CAP”, we feel this is a more accurate representation of the service and how most ISPs deliver their “Uncapped” services with underlying (FUP) Fair Use Policies or (AUP) Acceptable Use Policies. All “Soft CAP” limits are noted upfront on the application forms, these limits will never decrease but only increase as volumes go up and our supplier pricing comes down. Once a “Soft CAP” limit has been reached the service will be speed limited down to 25% of the subscribed contract speed. I.e. (a 4mbps package on a Soft CAP limit will reduce down to 1Mbps).

What stays the same?

Lite and Extreme packages, no changes to these definitions, Lite is still a shaped service (Shaping Torrents, Peer-Peer are still restricted down to 128Kbps), The Extreme packages are pure unshaped services, no restriction on any applications whatsoever.

ResiNet offers Internet access speeds from 1Mbps up to 4Mbps wireless and 6Mbps up to 20Mbps fiber ResiNet can be installed within a couple days versus the traditional 4-6 weeks from other ISPs. Max speed is dependent on infrastructure availability.


*Subject to a R3500 setup cost OR take a 24-month contact, zero setup

Lite: shaped | Extreme: unshaped
(25% of speed)
(p/m VAT incl.)
1mbpsResiNet LITE 1mbps20GBR499
ResiNet EXTREME 1mbps30GBR549
2mbpsResiNet LITE 2mbps40GBR599
ResiNet EXTREME 2mbps60GBR699
4mbpsResiNet LITE 4mbps120GBR899
ResiNet EXTREME 4mbps200GBR1199
6mbpsResiNet LITE 6mbps160GBR1249
ResiNet EXTREME 6mbps300GBR1999
10mbpsResiNet LITE 10mbps250GBR1599
ResiNet EXTREME 10mbps450GBR2399
20mbpsResiNet LITE 20mbps370GBR2500
ResiNet EXTREME 20mbps970GBR4899
Single Static IP AddressR59

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