Hello Pinetown & New Germany,

Welcome to the FIRST edition of the Mitsol Fibre To The Home Pinetown & New Germany Scoop, keeping you in the fibre loop. This newsletter will keep you up to date with the status of all Mitsol fibre builds in Pinetown & New Germany and provide you with some important facts about fibre.

Local to KZN and backed by more than 21 years of experience in the ICT industry, the Mitsol team is working hard to bring Fast, Reliable and Affordable Fibre Internet to your area. With the addition of the Pinetown & New Germany Suburbs, Mitsol will have passed 15,000 homes with fibre.

Good, Better, Best

So, the GOOD news is that we are bringing high-speed fibre to your ‘hood, and we are partnering with over 20 Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These range from some of the bigger national ISPs to several local boutique ISPs, to give you lots of good deals on packages.

The BETTER news is that the groundwork of the project will commence around the end of June. We understand that the civil work is disruptive and are aware that there are other FNOs planning to build or are already rolling out fibre in your suburb. We believe that having a choice of FNOs and ISPs assists with self-regulating the industry to ensure that all parties deliver competitive products without sacrificing on quality.

And the BEST news is that we are taking pre-orders, so get your orders in.

All The Legal Stuff

Mitsol holds both an Individual Electronic Communications Network License (IECNS) and an Individual Electronic Communications Service License (IECS), both issued by ICASA for the provision of Electronic Communications Networks and Electronic Communications Services, respectively. This ensures we are governed by, and comply with all telecommunication legislation.

IENCS License Number = 0093/IECNS/JAN/09
IECS License number = 0093/IECS/JAN/09

Mitsol builds, owns, and operates its fibre networks, more commonly known as a Fibre Network Operator (FNO), and have appointed a primary civils contractor for this project. However, we will remain your primary point of contact during the new fibre internet rollout in your area.

You can contact us on 0861 477 477 or email us fttx@mitsol.net

Why Pre-order?

Put yourself at the front of the queue! As our network build progresses through your suburb, we will start scheduling home drops to bring the required infrastructure to the homes of customers who have pre-ordered. The fibre rollout is activated per suburb block, and once you have received your fibre drop into your home, your service will go live as soon as our technicians complete the final connections to your block.
Check fibre availability and pre-order your service.

When Will Your Service Be Activated?

We aim to commence with the civil work towards the end of June and anticipate the build period to be 6-8 weeks, having the fibre build completed within the Pinetown & New Germany area by the end of August. At this stage, it is difficult to give exact dates, but we are committed to having our customers connected ASAP. We will keep you posted with regular updates via this newsletter channel. If you reside within a complex or an estate and have signed with Mitsol, your builds are imminent and may go live sooner than the general suburb builds.

How To Identify A Mitsol Fibre Build

You can identify a Mitsol fibre build by the colour of the orange Micro-Duct that we use, and we clearly identify every manhole that we install with a branded Mitsol tag. We also insist that all our contractor supervisors and foremen wear our Mitsol branded luminated yellow reflective vests.

Does Mitsol Also Provide Internet Services?

Yes, we do, but as we are an Open Access network, we’d like you to review some of the awesome packages that our partner ISPs are selling, and keep an eye out for launch specials. We also encourage you to support local, just like you are supporting us, a proudly KZN telecommunications company.
View our ISP packages.
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Have Any Questions?

Our Fibre To The Home FAQ document will answer any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding the installation of fibre to your property.